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Expectation &


It's ok to feel awkward and embarrassed at first. We were all beginners too.

Remember we are all here for the same reason and you will quickly understand the freedom and pleasure naturism gives you.

Ladies, it's perfectly natural when you are on your menstrual cycle.

If you wish to attend our swims you can still come in the swimming costume of your choice if you wish to use one. 

No one will ask questions and you will not be made to feel uncomfortable. We all have family and friends which we support in our naturist world. 

If you meet someone you know, please don't feel embarrassed, you have found a wonderful connection with them.

When sitting on a chair naked, you should always sit on a towel or something appropriate for hygiene reasons.


Naturist events such as swims, clubs and beaches are not a sexual environment.

Men will not get aroused, this simply does not happen.

No one will look and stare at your body.

We take privacy very seriously at PSC. We will never disclose your personal information to anyone outside our club unless there is a medical emergency or required by law for a police incident.


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Confidence & Acceptance

No one has the perfect body and there is nothing to be embarrassed about when revealing yourself.

Women will show signs of motherhood and men will lose their hair. Signs of fitness can diminish, weight gain can happen and our bodies show these natural signs. Scars appear over time whilst we naturally age.

In time you will have more confidence in your body as you accept yourself and others. There is no perfect body which is what naturism teaches us.

We create body positivity.

What's important is that in the naturist environment and of swims, is that no one judges you.

We are all equal and accept one another for who we are.

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